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Not all the accidents in Encino or California happen on streets. A surprising number of injuries happen on poorly maintained rides at amusement parks, street fairs and other events featuring rides. The machines are big, gravity-defying and hard to get parts for. The victims, more often than not, are teenagers and young kids.

They say that buying a ticket on a ride constitutes a release from liability — as if kids could sign away their rights to safety.

Accidents That Occur on Amusement Park Riders

Every month we hear of the latest crash, collapse, collision or breakdown. People are injured at theme parks, water parks, ski resorts, carnivals and medieval festivals. The locations are festive, but the injuries are very real.

In one year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission counted 3,500 people injured seriously enough in amusement park rides to require emergency care. Injuries are often the result of nonfunctioning equipment, lack of safety systems, poor supervision and untrained workers.

One notable accident occurred on Knott’s Berry Farm roller coaster, in 2010. Ten people were injured when two roller coaster trains collided.

Southern California Advocates for Theme Park Safety

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