San Fernando Valley Burn Injury Attorney

Every year, about 600 people are burnt to death in motor vehicle fires. First they are trapped by a collision and then the gasoline in the tank ignites. California is the leading state for wrongful death caused by fire.

Thousands more are severely burned, and must undergo years of painful skin grafts and rehabilitation. Burns are among the most horrible injuries we see. These survivors lose more than their functionality – they also lose their looks and their confidence.

Not Every Burn Injury Lawyer Is the Same

If you have suffered burns from a car accident or a truck accident, the lawyers at The Law Office of Rosenstock and Azran can help you. But you or a friend or family member, can help, too. These are things you must do after the burn incident:

  • Hire a lawyer. Us, or anyone who is deeply experienced with burn claims.
  • Preserve the evidence. You will need to prove that what you say happened really happened. Take pictures. Make a video. Your lawyer should have an expert on burn causes visit the site.
  • Don’t talk to insurance companies. Have them talk to your lawyer if they need to talk.
  • Take pictures of your burns. You won’t like doing this, but unless the world can see how badly you were hurt, people won’t understand.

Leading Encino Burn Accident Attorneys

Traffic accidents are not the only cause of serious burns. They happen in the home, at work and also when dealing with improperly labeled chemicals. If you or a loved one has been injured in any fire, we urge you to call us with your story.

Burns are unlike any other kind of injury. Often there are multiple causes of the fire — motorists, manufacturers or service companies. We have represented victims of burn injuries before, and we know how to maximize the compensation you deserve.