Machinery Injury Attorney San Fernando Valley

Not every machine that causes injury has wheels. An entire category of heavy machinery exists, at the workplace and elsewhere, that is involved in thousands of severe injuries every year. Some of these industrial injuries are fatal and indescribable — people are crushed, disintegrated, flattened, cut in half. What has happened to the victim is a nightmare to surviving family members.

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Machinery and Industrial Equipment Accidents

This category includes industrial equipment like forklifts, cranes, lathes, stamping machines, conveyor belts and balers; construction equipment; excavation machines like bulldozers, earthmovers and backhoes; plus a host of other large equipment, including agricultural combines, cherry pickers and tractors that can cause terrible harm to human beings.

Distinguishing Between Workers’ Comp and Product Liability

At The Law Office of Rosenstock and Azran, we have worked with victims of these kinds of machine injuries, and with the families of persons killed by machines. Many of these injuries come under the classification of workers’ compensation, which we don’t do. Many others can be attributed to product defect — a part that should have been replaced or a safety defect in the design.

The Science of Defective Product Analysis

The fact is that the heavier the machine, the more frequent the malfunctions and breakdowns are likely to be. Our attorneys make it their business to understand the ways equipment and safety mechanisms fail, leading to injuries. We are guided not only by a desire to seek adequate compensation for victims and their families, but also to ensure that serious preventable accidents stop happening in Southern California.

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