San Fernando Valley Railroad Accident Attorney

Remember “The Ballad of Casey Jones,” the watchful engineer who saved everyone’s life?

It’s not like that at rail crossings today. Commercial freight lines are guided more by sensors than by humans, and light rail trains pass through complex, busy urban areas where accidents are common occurrences. Most crossing accidents are caused by poor sightlines or ineffective warning systems.

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Railroad Crossing Accidents Cost Lives

Sometimes the crossings have been designed so that trains and street traffic can’t see one another. Sometimes the rail and street signals are not in sync, so cars are channeled into dangerous areas. Sometimes the areas around the crossing are poorly maintained, a condition of premises liability. And sometimes, human error is a factor.

Train Crossing Accidents Wreak Havoc on Human Lives

Regardless of cause, railroad accidents wreak havoc on passengers on the train, on employees inside and outside the train, on motorists trying to get around the train, and on pedestrians nearby. Compensation can be challenging because railroads have a separate system of regulations. That’s why you need an attorney who has worked in both worlds and knows the intricacies of filing claims relating to trains.

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