I was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident.  Dennis and David made sure that I was taken care of after my accident.  They told me that they would take care of everything for me and that I need not be worried.  Throughout the process, they answered all my questions and promptly returned all of my telephone calls.  I did not have my own doctor to go to, nor did I have any money to pay for one.  Dennis and David helped find doctors for me and I did not have to pay them until my case was settled.  I was very pleased with their professionalism, and more importantly, I received a very good settlement.  – S.V.

I was involved in a serious automobile accident on the I-101 Freeway in Los Angeles, California.  Dennis and David handled everything for me from beginning to end.  They are simply fantastic lawyers.  Their professional manner, experience, and knowledge led to an extremely successful outcome of my case. – K.C.

I was involved in an extremely bad automobile accident.  I immediately called Dennis Rosenstock because I had heard from a friend that he was an incredible attorney.  I am so glad that I called him because he immediately had the responsible party’s insurance company pick my vehicle up from the tow yard where it was taken after the accident and he resolved my property damage immediately.  He assisted me with finding doctors that I needed to see for the serious injuries that I had from the accident.  After I was through treating with all of my doctors, he told me that he would submit my medical bills to the insurance company in an effort to settle my case without the necessity of litigation.  The insurance company tried to make a lowball offer of settlement, which Dennis recommended that I not accept.  He then fought with the insurance company on my behalf and obtained an incredible result.  I am so happy that I called Dennis.  I do not know what I would have done without him. – K.B.

I can highly recommend the Law Firm of Rosenstock & Azran.  Dennis and David kept me informed on my accident case constantly.  I had been involved in a prior accident previously and was very unhappy with my lawyer at that time.  The way Dennis and David handled my case was so much different than the way my other lawyer had handled my previous accident case.  They were consummate professionals and settled my case promptly without any problems.  – D.Y.

I had always heard and read about people that had been involved in car accidents.  While I had never gotten into an accident, I thought that it was not a big deal and that I could simply handle any issue directly with the insurance carrier.  Then I was involved in an automobile accident and I realized how wrong I was.  The other party’s insurance company tried to blame the accident on me even though the accident was clearly not my fault.  I did not know what to do.  I asked around and one of my friends referred me to the Law Offices of Rosenstock and Azran.  I spoke with David Azran and I was immediately impressed by what he had to say and his knowledge and expertise.  He told me not to worry and he was right.  I felt as though the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.  David immediately filed a lawsuit on my behalf against the responsible party.  Not only did I get to see the judicial process first hand, but I watched his skillful and extremely effective cross-examination of the insurance company’s experts, which included an orthopedic surgeon, a radiologist, and a bio-mechanic engineer.  David was able to turn the case against them and in my favor so that I prevailed in my action against the responsible party and received a very fair and just award.  – K.S.

I was driving my car along the Pacific Coast highway when, without warning, another vehicle pulled out of their parking space and crashed into my vehicle.  The force of the impact was so hard.  I was referred to Dennis Rosenstock and, from the moment that I called him, my worries and concerns were abated.  Although I was hurt and shaken from the accident, I was able to see him that very day.  I explained to him all of my injuries and we discussed my medical history and my needs for seeing a doctor for this accident.  Dennis was concerned about my health because I was having extreme back pain.  He helped me to find orthopedic doctor, who I got to see the very next day.  While I had to have a lot of medical care for the injuries I received from this accident, I took great comfort in knowing that Dennis was handling my case.  Every time I called him to get an update, he was able to tell me exactly what was going on with my case, and knowing that it was being handled so promptly made me feel better.  One day, not long after the accident, Dennis called me to tell me that the insurance company for the responsible party had agreed to pay all of the money available under their insured’s policy of insurance.  It changed my life forever.  I now had money to do the things that I could not do before the accident, which included buying a new car.  I am now getting married and could not be happier.  I thank Dennis so much for all his help. – L.C.